Red – Special Edition Vol 2 – Ghost Stories


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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Gather round one and all, turn the lights down low, its story time. RED: The Island Storybook is excited to announce the launch of the second volume in our series of special editions, this one dedicated to Ghost Stories and Tales of the Supernatural. We hope this volume of old-fashioned frightful storytelling helps to get you through the shortest and coldest days with a bit of warmth in your winter weary heart and perhaps a shiver down your spine. Thanks to a broad selection of scribes, both newcomers and old friends, this volume is jam-packed with great folk storytelling from all over the Island. The writerly response, as usual, was overwhelming, and as always, we’re honored to present their voices for your reading pleasure – hope you enjoy!

RED special editions will be published once a year moving forward. These volumes will not replace any of the three regular volumes in the RED publishing cycle, but are intended to be bonus volumes for all you REDheads who can’t seem to get enough. The first special edition – Dog Stories – is set to launch early February, 2022. We hope you enjoy!

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.