Red – Volume 14 – Spring and Summer 2017


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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Volume 14 of Red Magazine – The Island Storybook, edited by David Weale, highlights Island life and culture.

Howdy Folks! RED Magazine is back with a brand new batch of your Island stories. As usual, we’re offering an abundance of Island tales including Margie Carmichael’s recounting of an Urban Carmichael prank at the expense of a group of teenage hitch-hikers. RED regular Sylvia Poirier spins a lighthearted story of her first impressions attending the Charlottetown Hospital School of Nursing, complete with stern sisters and late night covert excursions to a certain famous Charlottetown night club. Author Dale Small waxes eloquent about smelt spear craftsmanship. Davy Weale draws your attention to a deep Island connection to one of the best big league baseball players in the world. And for our cover story, Citizen Matilda, Keith Milligan paints a vivid picture of a unique Mi’kmaq woman and her life’s journey on Lennox Island. All of that and a whole lot more.

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.