Red – Volume 9 – Fall and Winter 2014-2015


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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Volume 9 of Red Magazine – The Island Storybook, edited by David Weale, highlights Island life and culture.

This latest edition contains, among other stories: the amusing and touching story of an Island man living in Toronto, Ed McCabe, who discovered an ingenious way to have his daughters born on Island soil; the story of a youngster in Rumford Maine, David Bulger, who discovered one day that he was a PI, and how that connected him to this Island; the story how three Islanders working in Saudi Arabia were flabbergasted to have a very well known Islander march into their office unannounced and totally unexpected; and the story of how a Charlottetown man, ‘Red’ Cheverie was the key player in a remarkable search and rescue story in the far north that was featured on Front Page Challenge. There is also the story of how Tommy Gallant discovered the long-submerged Marco Polo off Cavendish and retrieved the 3500 pound anchor, which was later purchased by one of the wealthiest men in the country, K.C. Irving, at a bargain basement price.

As well there is a thought-provoking guest REDitorial by Gerry Hopkirk that raises some challenging questions about how our school system currently operates.

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.