Red – Volume 27 – 2021


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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RED’s back baby! Another volume packed with bumper to bumper stories for your holiday reading pleasure. There’s no end to the stories on this enchanted Island and volume 27 of the Island Story Book is further proof of that. A lot of tellers put a lot of love into this one, we hope you feel that love emanate off the pages of the latest collection.

Richard Hancox has offered up a heart-warming holiday story, PEI or Bust, about hitch-hiking home to the Island from Quebec for Christmas.

New to the pages of RED is Donna Marie Arsenault Kelly who has crafted a vivid picture of childhood memories on her Meme and Pepe’s farm in Egmont Bay in her story French Biscuits.

REDs resident marine biologist, David Cairns is back with a collection of humorous/terrifying tales in his piece, Seven Ways to Nearly Get Killed as a Seabird Biologist.

All this and a whole lot more in volume 27 of RED: The Island Storybook.


Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.