Red – Volume 17 – Summer 2018


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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Volume 17 of Red Magazine – The Island Storybook, edited by David Weale, highlights Island life and culture.

Well how about that, you did it again! You jam-packed another volume of RED with your wonderful Island stories. We here at REDquarters are settling into our new publishing cycle, which in case you forgot, is now three times a year (March/July/November). The new volume – number 17 – will be in stores the first week of July and it’s so full of great stuff, I don’t know where to begin.

Norah Pendergast, a first time contributor to RED has written an essay about the dichotomous legacy of Sister Mary Henry, and in particular, controversial child adoption practices during her time with the Catholic Social Welfare Bureau.

RED regular John Quimby tells a story about his indoctrination into the cut-throat world of Auction 45s in Murray Harbour North.

Another RED first-timer, Will Beckett, tells the tale of his journey to Philadelphia PA to document the famous PEI Dimetrodon fossil for his web-series Prehistoric PEI.

Stalwart RED contributor Michael Conway tells us about one of his favorite Island characters, Father Clarence Roche, and a group of east-end Charlottetown kids under his guidance who learned to play baseball on a ‘trestle-mud’ field in the east end and went on to win a maritime championship.

The Four Tellers are in there, Miscellaneous Mom, I could go on and on, but, you’ll just have to grab a copy and see for yourself.

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.