Red – Special Edition Vol 1 – Dogs


The Island is red, and RED is the Island.

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RED: The Island Storybook is excited to announce a brand new series of special edition volumes of RED. The first volume in the series is devoted to dog stories. Yes, a full sized volume of RED completely dedicated to our beloved fur babies, our k-9 sidekicks, those dear companions who never cease to amaze us with the depth of their loyalty, bravery and love. Over the years, some of our favorite stories in RED have featured dogs. Indeed, for many of us, dogs are a part of the family, a part of our life’s story.

RED special editions will be published once a year moving forward. These volumes will not replace any of the three regular volumes in the RED publishing cycle, but are intended to be bonus volumes for all you REDheads who can’t seem to get enough. The first special edition – Dog Stories – is set to launch on February 1st, 2021. We hope you enjoy!

Back issues of Red Magazine are also available.